Mountain Review

Mountain Review

Mountain is a relaxing idle game that pushes the bounds of what could be considered a game. It feels more like an interactive screen saver than a game.

Mountain is simply a 3D mountain that slowly changes over time. You can watch it happen, or you can try to prevent it by cleaning it up. Essentially, your mountain becomes littered by signs, cars, etc. and you are tasked with keeping it pristine. It’s a decent idea, but this iteration of it isn’t as engaging as it could be. It almost feels like the developers were worried the game might be bad, so they tried to hide it in the “video games are art” category, rather than adding more mechanics that make it feel like a game. It works for a bit, but it gets boring quickly.

Visually, it looks pretty good and the aesthetic is great. The look of your planet changes with pollution, and it fits well with the rest of the game. The music is decent, but repetitive.

Overall, Mountain has some genuinely great ideas as well as poor execution of those ideas. It’s a tough game to rate, because of how unique it is. You might like it if you enjoy weird or artsy games. It also could appeal to people that are looking for an interactive screen saver and not a game. If you go into Mountain expecting an engaging game experience, you will be disappointed.


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