DiRT 4 Review

DiRT 4 is a simulation/arcade racing game with a strong focus on rallying. You can choose between a hardcore rally simulation, a straightforward arcade racer, or a blend of the…


Lovely Planet Review

Lovely Planet is a challenging first-person shooter with platforming elements. It's set in a colorful, light-hearted world in contrast with its brutally difficult gameplay. Each map is designed around a…


Sunblaze Review

Sunblaze is a precision platformer with a cute art style and brutal difficulty. Most levels are designed to challenge your platforming abilities while also giving you a small puzzle to…


POSTAL Redux Review

POSTAL Redux is a top-down shooter with an unbelievably edgy premise and relatively mild gameplay. You clear each level by defeating a certain amount of hostiles, with the optional task…


THOTH Review

Introduction THOTH is a twin-stick shooter with light puzzle elements. It's a decidedly minimal game in both gameplay and visual aesthetic. Gameplay THOTH controls like a typical twin-stick shooter. The…


Blue Flame Review

Introduction Blue Flame is a top-down action game where you play as a pyromancer. Dark Souls is an obvious source of inspiration, but it has a fresh take on the…

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