Equilinox Review

Equilinox Review

Equilinox is a a nature/evolution simulator where you get to play god with several different biomes, all with unique plants and animals.

There is a selective breeding mechanic which serves as the basis for the evolution system. For example, to breed blueberry bushes, you first need a berry bush that has been bred to be blue. This leads to evolutionary chains that you follow, which serves as the general gameplay loop.

There are also some idle game mechanics. Animals are your “income”, which you lets you buy more plants and animals. If you stop interacting with your world and let nature unfold, the world changes a lot on a small level, but in the big picture, not much happens. So your minor ecosystems will change but you won’t leave for an hour and come back to a jungle world.

Equilinox is a very casual game, so don’t buy it if you are expecting some sort of challenge. I was able to 100% the game in about 12 hours while playing at a fairly relaxed pace. There are some crashing issues, but I never lost progress so didn’t mind 2 crashes total. The graphics are pretty well done, especially when biomes interact with each other. Biggest fault is that it falls off near the end, but it is still a fun ride to get there.


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