Catlateral Damage Review

Catlateral Damage Review

Catlateral Damage is a cat simulation/sandbox game in which you try to achieve various cat related goals within the time limit. For example, your mission might be to knock over 20 books, or 10 plates. Aside from this, the game is fairly free-form and allows you to do whatever you want.

Visually, it has a distinctive art style that isn’t impressive in a technical sense, but looks great when considering the game as a whole. The environment is easily readable, an important feature in a game that involves hunting for certain items.

The game’s audio design is merely acceptable. It fails to improve the game, but ultimately has no negative impact either. The soundtrack is similarly decent, but is much more subjective. Most of the tracks are inoffensive and bland to me, but others might really enjoy them.

The repetitiveness of the game is it’s big downfall. While the first few rounds are fun, it fairly quickly winds down into a game of just jumping and clicking. Even with different goals, the game stays pretty much the same. If the game had more variety, I would definitely recommend it, but in its current state it gets boring fairly quickly.


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