Human Factory Review

Human Factory Review

Human Factory is an automation/simulation game in which you are tasked with raising humans and harvesting them for resources. It plays a bit like a 3D Factorio, but with substantially different subject matter.

Human Factory’s presentation is unique but flawed. The graphics are all over the place, with some parts that look like they were made in Microsoft Paint, and others that look like a fairly standard 3D model. It’s clearly the work of an indie developer, so visuals most likely aren’t their biggest strength. It doesn’t hurt the game that much, but it certainly doesn’t help.

When it comes to gameplay, Human Factory is rough around the edges, but with a solid core. As an early access game, a lack of content is somewhat expected. Given that the game is expected to improve significantly over the course of development, it’s good enough as it is. It won’t blow you away and make you uninstall Factorio, but the foundation is great. The progression through different machines is fun, unlocking new ways to produce things, which in turn add more content, which then unlocks something else, etc. It’s a tried and true formula that is executed well. I wouldn’t call Human Factory a great game just yet, but it has a lot of potential. Hopefully with more development time it can expand on its existing framework. As of right now, it’s a decent game that might appeal to fans of automation games, as long as you know going ahead of time that it is largely unfinished and quite buggy.


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