Trailmakers Review

Trailmakers Review

Trailmakers is an action sandbox game with a variety of game modes offering different ways to play.

The campaign begins with only a small amount of parts unlocked, which you can use to make vehicles. The game loop for the campaign involves you using what parts you have available to you in order to collect ore. Each piece of ore unlocks another part, which you use to make more advanced vehicles. You begin making simple cars, eventually creating a spaceship by the end of the game. Aside from the campaign, there are multiplayer modes in which you can race your friends or fight them in vehicular combat. Finally, there are a couple singleplayer sandbox modes for you to be as creative as you want.

Trailmakers has a LEGO graphics style, and a lot of the more basic parts feel like building something out of LEGOs. The main downsides of Trailmakers are some bugs that will inevitably come up due to the physics engine and how much freedom you have. These bugs don’t detract much from the game experience, but they are definitely common. Overall, Trailmakers is a unique game that will be enjoyed by anyone looking for creative freedom in a vehicle-based game.


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