The Room Review

The Room Review

The Room is a fantastic puzzle game. The basic concept is that you are solving puzzle boxes/objects, which unlock even more puzzles, etc. The puzzles are always challenging, but never frustrating.

The game’s presentation is great, thanks to both the visual aesthetic and the sound design. Many of the puzzles feel more significant because of the excellent graphical design. It’s clear that a lot of work went into puzzle designs, not just in terms of puzzle mechanics, but in the look and feel of each object. It almost adds a sense of realism, where everything looks like it would work in the real world.

It’s hard to review the puzzles themselves because they are primarily visual and focus mostly on exploration. You will probably get stuck on one or two puzzles, but it should be relatively smooth sailing for the bulk of the game.

There are also some story elements in The Room, but personally, I didn’t care for them. I also don’t mind puzzle games that lack story, so it didn’t affect my opinion of the game. If you are someone that likes a bit of story, you might appreciate it, although it is certainly understated and not a big part of the game as a whole.

The Room is fairly short, but it often goes on sale for $1 or $2, so the price is definitely reasonable. It’s also one of the few mobile game ports that is actually executed well enough that it feels like it was meant for PC. I would highly recommend it to puzzle fans and anyone that is mildly intrigued by the trailer or screenshots.


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