Tabletop Simulator Review

Tabletop Simulator Review

Tabletop Simulator is difficult to review because it is more of an engine than a game. If you don’t use the Steam Workshop, it’s terrible. It only includes some common and basic games, and those will get boring pretty fast. Luckily, the greatness of this game lies in its mod tools.

There are thousands of tabletop games that have been created and submitted to the Steam Workshop. If a game is at least a year or two old, it most likely already has a Steam Workshop version, if not multiple. The quality of the individual games will obviously vary wildly, but Tabletop Simulator is what allows this all to happen. This means that as long as you enjoy at least a handful of board games, you will enjoy Tabletop Simulator. You also get the opportunity to try out plenty of new games that you otherwise wouldn’t have, either due to the cost being too high or not being interested enough to gamble on a purchase. Even for people that prefer in-person board games, Tabletop Simulator is a great tool to try before you buy. A number of board game designers have even posted official versions of their games on the Steam Workshop to help advertise their game and get people playing.

Overall, Tabletop Simulator is a fantastic game engine for board game fans. It has wide ranging appeal thanks to its dedicated modding community, allowing people with different tastes to find games they will love. One of my favorite games on Steam with nearly endless replay value.


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