Stick Fight: The Game Review

Stick Fight: The Game Review

Stick Fight is a multiplayer action game that takes the standard mechanics for the genre, but puts its own twist on them, creating something unique.

Visually, the game is styled after stick figure web games, but with more free form animations. Each group of stages have their own theme, which corresponds to their different mechanics. The ragdoll physics add a lot of humor to gameplay that would otherwise be fairly bland.

Combat heavily utilizes physics as well, creating a lot of unique interactions. Some guns have a lot of kickback, launching you backwards with each shot. Some guns have special effects like the ice gun slowing you down, the glue gun sticking you to the walls, or the black hole gun sucking everything in the game towards it. The stages are usually fun and inventive, and they rarely overlap or play like each other.

Interacting with the environment is another standout aspect of the game, letting you destroy platforms made of ice, push over platforms made of boxes, or drop platforms held up by chains. There are some occasional bugs, but due to the goofiness present throughout the game, they rarely detract from the experience and often just feel like a funny moment. Overall, a very fun game to play with friends that can stay in your multiplayer rotation for a long time.


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