Mimic Arena Review

Mimic Arena Review

Mimic Arena is a multiplayer fighting game with a good idea, but poor execution. The central premise is that upon death, a mimic is created which does everything you did before your death. So if you jumped, shot your gun, then died, your mimic will spawn and do the exact same thing. It’s a unique mechanic with a ton of potential, but it’s largely wasted due to a couple bad decisions by the developers.

First, the game has no singleplayer modes or bots to play against, so a large portion of potential players are excluded. The lack of online multiplayer narrows down the player base even more. To make matters worse, there is no keyboard support, so you need to have 2 controllers to play. This leaves Mimic Arena as a purely local multiplayer game. For a game that is pretty rough around the edges, this is effectively a death sentence. Thankfully, you can use Steam Remote Play to play “locally” online, but this feature came long after the game was released.

As for the gameplay itself, it’s pretty decent, but also leaves me wanting more. It’s fairly repetitive, but the core gameplay isn’t strong enough to allow for it. There isn’t one glaring issue that destroys the game, it’s a series of minor issues that combine to make the game feel mediocre.

Mimic Arena has some decent visuals and the music is okay, but it doesn’t actually improve the game, it just doesn’t make it worse. In general, Mimic Arena is a game that could have been great, but was crippled by a few bad design choices. I’d recommend people give it a try if it intrigues them, but be willing to refund it, because it doesn’t get much better the more you play. The average player probably won’t love it, but it’s a passable game if you like the main mechanics and can look past its issues.


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