Drunken Wrestlers 2 Review

Drunken Wrestlers 2 Review

Drunken Wrestlers 2 is a fighting game with a unique take on combat. It has a good range of attacks without becoming as complex as games like Street Fighter. There are no combos that require long strings of button presses, instead you chain together different kicks and punches. It has the ability to be both a competitive fighting game when the players are good, but also a casual game when the players are just trying to have fun and mess around.

DW2 has a lighthearted aesthetic that makes the game feel a little goofy. You can punch or kick limbs off, similar to Mortal Kombat finishing moves, except that you don’t instantly lose, you are just put at a disadvantage. It gives the game a high stakes combat system, in which you mostly deal small amounts of damage, but occasionally land the perfect kick that decapitates your opponent. You can also play the game in realism mode, which adds a stamina system and removes decapitation, which helps to make the game more balanced and serious, if that’s what you are looking for.

There are some obvious issues with the overall presentation of DW2. The UI is weak, especially the menus. It is clearly the work of an indie developer that is good at programming but struggles with designing UIs. The graphics aren’t great, but they fit the vibe of the game and don’t detract from the experience. When combined with the in-game physics and fluid simulation, it actually looks pretty good, even if it’s a bit goofy. The music will come down to personal preference, although I didn’t particularly like it. It’s a game meant to be played with friends, so you won’t be paying much attention to the music anyway.

DW2 is a solid fighting game with a great framework. It has extensive Steam Workshop support, giving near endless content, provided you enjoy the game. To me, the game’s biggest problem is that it isn’t that fun when playing online with random people. It might just be because I prefer the more casual side of the game, but it was far more fun messing around with friends. You really can’t go wrong giving it a try if you are a fan of fighting games, especially because it’s free.


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