Marooners Review

Marooners Review

Marooners is a multiplayer party game that is partially inspired by Mario Party. The main difference is that while Mario Party blends a board game with mini-games, Marooners is exclusively mini-games. This stylistic change could have worked fine, but the way Marooners executes it leaves a lot to be desired.

Marooners has a couple major flaws that make up the bulk of my issues with the game. First, the mini-games are bland and repetitive. 2 of them are bugged and don’t actually work, while the rest are mostly variations of the same mini-game. Most mini-games involve attacking other players to steal your coins. It’s fine the first time, but it gets old quickly. This also brings up the second issue, which is the lack of a game board. Mario Party works well because you get breaks from the mini-games. Marooners gives you non-stop mini-games, and it only serves to highlight how bad some of them are.

Marooners also has its fair share of bugs and glitches, most notably 2 levels that can’t be played because every player instantly dies. I also had issues with controller input mapping, but that may have been due to using a cheap 3rd party controller.

The game has decent presentation and actually seems great when you watch the trailers. If the gameplay was better, this could have been a great game with a nice aesthetic. The sound is sometimes a bit overbearing, but it tends to be fine.

Overall, Marooners is a deeply flawed game that won’t appeal to players looking for an indie Mario Party, but might appeal to someone looking for some mindless mini-games.


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