Yakuza 0 Review

Yakuza 0 Review

Yakuza 0 is an action RPG with a melodramatic main story line and a wide variety of side content. The game alternates between 2 main characters, which each have their own plot and gameplay mechanics. If you ignore side content, the game can be completed fairly quickly, but the main draw for the Yakuza franchise has been its unique take on side quests and mini-games. Initially, the sheer amount of content available to you can be overwhelming, with much of the first chapter being spent playing random games and doing odd side quests, rather than advancing the plot. Once you get past the first 5 or so chapters, the game opens up and most game mechanics have been revealed and explained. From here, you have free reign to completely ignore the main story and instead focus on mastering the disco mini-game, becoming the best bowler, learning to play mahjong or shogi at a high level, etc. Once you get bored of messing around, you go back to the main story line. It gives a nice loop so you always have something interesting available to you. The combat isn’t hugely complex for an RPG but has enough depth to keep you interested while you wait for the next story segment or mini-game. The only semi-major issue the game has is that the keyboard and mouse controls are pretty poor and are reflective of a lazy port from console to PC. Even the game itself strongly recommends that you use a controller. Outside of that, Yakuza 0 is a great RPG that manages to keep a consistent level of quality throughout its wide range of gameplay. Strongly recommended, even to players that normally don’t enjoy many RPGs.


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  1. Asseffect

    Will you review yakuza kiwami?

    1. ManlyMeatMan

      Yeah, I’m not sure when we will get around to it, but we will at some point.

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