King and Assassins Review

King and Assassins Review

King and Assassins is a strategy game based on the board game of the same name. Mechanically, it functions pretty much identically to the board game, so those familiar with the physical version will grasp all the mechanics easily. The game itself is fun, but this version of it has a lot of issues.

King and Assassins is clearly designed for multiplayer, yet no one plays it. This leaves you with either playing with a friend, or playing against AI. Playing against a friend is okay, but there are a lot bugs that come with it. Playing against the AI is even worse because in addition to bugs, the AI obviously cheats. In a game about deception, AI will always be difficult to program, but the developers clearly didn’t have the time or budget to write good AI. The central game mechanic is that one player controls ~15 peasants and 3 of them are assassins. The AI always guesses correctly which ones are assassins, even if you never use them. This essentially ruins the gameplay when you are playing as the assassins. As the king, the game becomes a lot better, but that still means that 50% of the game is almost unplayable. Even when playing as the king, the bugs hurt the gameplay a lot, causing weird interactions and breaking the game at times.

The game has a nice look to it and the overall presentation is good, but the core of the game is deeply flawed. It’s tough to recommend this game to anyone, especially knowing that if you have friends to play with, you can just buy Tabletop Simulator and play the board game version of the game. It’s a shame the game is so rough around the edges, because it could have been great. It’s more of a missed opportunity than a bad game.


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