Verdun Review

Verdun Review

Verdun is a first-person shooter built around a semi-realistic depiction of World War I. While it has obviously been made more like a game, it has a unique feel due to the setting.

Verdun is based on trench Warfare, in which both sides alternate between attacking and defending trenches. While defending, you are tasked with holding off waves of attackers as they try to overrun the trench and claim it as their own. It’s a unique gameplay loop that makes Verdun stand out from other hardcore shooters.

Verdun also has an extensive class system, featuring 60 different roles for you to choose from. They can be grouped into about 20 archetypes, but they all have slightly different loadouts and abilities. It gives the game a heavy teamwork focus, as you might be playing an observer in a recon squad, where you are tasked with advancing and providing support to the main fighting force, or you might be a grenadier in charge of clearing out trenches with grenades in order to clear the way for the rest of the troops. There is a huge range of class options, giving you plenty of freedom to pick the role that works best for you, while also giving enough variety in gameplay to keep you from getting bored.

Visually, the game looks okay, but nothing special. Especially for a game from 2015, it looks pretty lackluster. On the other hand, the game’s audio is fantastic. The sound design is handled beautifully, giving a disorienting and chaotic feel to the game’s combat.

Verdun is a niche game that won’t appeal to everyone. It has some unique gameplay mechanics that will turn some people away from it, but for those wanting a blend of arcade and hardcore shooters, this could be a great game for them. The trench warfare mechanics are well-designed and enjoyable. If this type of gameplay interests you, I would highly recommend giving it a shot, especially if other hardcore shooters didn’t live up to your expectations.


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