Warsim: The Realm of Aslona Review

Warsim: The Realm of Aslona Review

Warsim: The Realm of Aslona is a kingdom simulation game that focuses on having a variety of content for you to explore. It is hard to get bored simply because of how much depth the game has. You get yearly visitors to your throne room, who will bring forward complaints, requests, etc. You decide how to deal with them, then face the consequences of your decisions. You will hire staff members who each perform different roles, and you can try to improve their skills in order to cultivate a talented court. They will also provide advice when asked, although their skill level might cause them to give bad advice, so caution is advised. A large part of game progression involves war and diplomacy, where you will be trying to ally yourself with strong factions and trying to invade your weaker rivals. Domestically, you will grapple with what laws you want to enact, balancing your personal desires with popular opinion. Warsim also has a lot of things to do that don’t necessarily impact your kingdom much, but are there for you to have fun with. You can gamble in the arena and make some money for your kingdom, but you can also just watch some fights and cheer for your favorite fighter. You can also use it to research different fighters to decide if they are worthy of hiring as your champion. You can then enter them in tournaments in your name, bringing money and fame to your kingdom, provided they don’t die. 

The defining feature of Warsim is the procedural generation. While there are a number of elements that will carry over into every game, the vast majority of Warsim will feel quite different each time you play. Most of the world is randomized, encouraging you to try new things each playthrough. One playthrough you might decide that your goal is to end slavery. This will put you at odds with many factions in the game, but it may also bring in new allies. Next time, you might try to become a slaver king, or maybe you join a guild, become a black market smuggler, etc. This level of variety is possible because of how fleshed out so many systems are. Everything is fun to do, so you never get caught up focusing on a “meta” strategy, and instead can focus on trying something new and interesting.

Overall, Warsim is a fantastic game that will only get better the longer it stays in early access. Highly recommended to anyone that enjoys simulation/RPGs.


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