Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree Collection Review

Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree Collection Review

Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree Collection is actually 4 different games, with Spiritual Warfare being the main attraction. The other 3 games are made by the same religious gaming company, but they are far lower quality and aren’t worth talking about except for context.

Spiritual Warfare isn’t a full Zelda clone, but it is heavily inspired and plays quite similarly. You explore the world collecting items and weapons that will help you on your journey by either unlocking new areas or making you better at fighting. Combat is very similar to Zelda. If you have played Zelda for the NES, you will have a much easier time with this game, because the difficulty has been toned down a lot. There is also the bizarre addition of trivia sections, in which you answer Christian trivia questions and get health if you get the questions right. If you know nothing of Christianity, you may struggle, but the game is easy enough without the extra health.

The graphics look about right for the era. Nothing special about them, they seem to be standard for an NES game. The enemy design is weird, but kind of makes sense, given that the game takes place in present day, rather than a fictional fantasy world.

The basic story for Spiritual Warfare is that you have to save a town from being taken over by the devil. Your main enemies are sinners, who all look like generic people. Your attacks are throwing fruit, as opposed to swinging a sword in Zelda. This causes the game to look like you are just throwing fruit at random citizens.

Spiritual Warfare is a decidedly goofy game that will only appeal to Zelda fans that don’t mind playing a low budget ripoff of it. It can be fun for a bit, and some of the religious elements can be unintentionally funny, but as a game, it just feels like Zelda but worse. The other games are just filler so they can bump up the price on Steam, because they know that no one would buy those games on their own. Overall, it’s a decent buy for big fans of the genre, but everyone else should probably either pass on it, or go play the first Zelda game.


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