Unspottable Review

Unspottable Review

Unspottable is a local multiplayer party game based around deception. It’s very similar to the game Hidden in Plain Sight, but where that game focused on more tactical, slow-paced gameplay, Unspottable focuses on fast and lighthearted gameplay.

The central premise of Unspottable involves the players attempting to blend in with a group of AI-controlled characters who run around randomly. Each level you are given a task to complete which is often challenging to do without making it obvious who you are. You can also win the round by punching all of the other human players, so there are multiple paths to victory. Focusing on the task is good, but it also puts you at risk of being found out, so some players will try to hunt down those doing the task. It’s a fun dichotomy that gives the game plenty of life and replay value.

Visually, the game is lackluster, but passable given the genre. It has a weird art style that doesn’t work too well for me, but it’ll vary from person to person. The sound design is solid but also not really the focus of the game, so it’s barely noticeable.

Overall, Unspottable is a fantastic game to play with friends, provided you enjoy the deception genre. It’s still in development, but even at this stage, it is well worth your money.


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