Hidden in Plain Sight Review

Hidden in Plain Sight Review

Hidden in Plain Sight is a local multiplayer party game based around deception. It features 5 main game modes in which players must try to remain undercover while accomplishing their objectives.

The basic gameplay of every mode is fairly similar. You have a number of AI characters that randomly walk around. Some of these characters will actually be human players, but will be indistinguishable, except through their behavior. Some game modes are a free-for-all, while others use teams. There is enough variety to keep the game fresh, while retaining the core mechanics that make the game fun in the first place.

One game mode involves one team trying to poison AI characters, while the other team trys to catch the murderers. It manages to be a great example of asymmetric multiplayer done right. Neither side is more fun or interesting to play as, so it remains enjoyable for everyone.

Other modes involve assassinating each other, either in a free-for-all where everyone looks the same, or a team battle. These modes are decent with 2 players, but really shine with 4.

The game doesn’t have online multiplayer, unless you are using Steam’s Remote Play Together. This isn’t a huge deal as a lot of the fun comes from being with the other players. It’s a game meant to create fun moments among friends, and it frequently achieves its goals. There is a lot of subtle depth to deceiving your friends, and it makes the game a tense, yet fun, experience.

Presentation-wise, the game is pretty standard. The graphics aren’t great, but they aren’t supposed to be. There’s a decent variety of character sprites, which makes the game modes with crowds more lively. Sound design is average, with nothing notably bad or good about it.

Hidden in Plain sight is a simple party game that’s great with friends. It might come off somewhat amateurish at times, but the core gameplay is so solid that it doesn’t have much of an impact on your enjoyment.


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