Shin Samurai Jazz Review

Shin Samurai Jazz Review

Shin Samurai Jazz is a platformer that takes a lot of inspiration from Ninja Gaiden, but tries to focus more on the platforming aspect, rather than the combat. The result is an okay platformer that occasionally has a few enemies.

The platforming was the only real highlight, and it was mostly a highlight just because of how different it is from Ninja Gaiden. You get air dashes which essentially allow you to fly when combined with attacks and jumps.

The combat mechanics feel awkward and unnatural. I was unable to find where my health was displayed, so I was always unsure how close I was to death. Enemy design is decent, but ultimately underwhelming. Enemies fit into the typical genre archetypes, but nothing more.

The soundtrack was also pretty poor. The music in the game ranges from being so generic you don’t even notice it, to being weird and unpleasant to listen to. Overall, it’s not the worst attempt at a modern Ninja Gaiden, but it was still a pretty weak game.


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