Flesh Eaters Review

Flesh Eaters Review

Flesh Eaters is a strategy RPG that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. It has a lot in common with FTL: Faster Than Light aside from the ship based combat.

The game plays out with the player choosing 1 of 3 options every day, deciding what they want to prioritize. These options are randomized, so it adds an element of scarcity to the resource system. You spend most of the game attempting to balance resource gathering with risk minimization. You need to take risks in order to survive, but you need to take smart risks to ensure you don’t lose a valuable party member. Your group of survivors will grow and become better as the game progresses, allowing you to specialize them in various ways.

The combat plays out mostly automatically, with you only needing to move your survivors into position, then they automatically fight. You have a few different overall goals as you play through the game that will present themselves as special objectives during certain levels/missions.

It isn’t the most innovative game around, but it is pretty well made and has a fun gameplay loop. Recommended to anyone looking for a real time strategy survival game, and especially for fans of FTL: Faster Than Light.


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