Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition Review

Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition Review

Return of Red Riding Hood is a visual novel that tells a branching version of the classic story. The game begins as an adventure game, but shifts into a visual novel soon after.

The initial adventure portion of the game is bizarre and feels extremely out of place once you progress farther into the game. It plays like a point and click adventure game, but the entire adventure is making a pie. You can replay it five times to make each kind of pie, but each playthrough is extremely similar, so there isn’t much point in playing it again.

The main source of the game’s content is the choose-your-own-adventure story portion. Each ending only takes 2-3 minutes to get to, but there are approximately 50 different endings you can achieve. Some are fairly similar, but for the most part they branch off into weird, unexpected storylines. Without spoiling anything, most endings have almost nothing to do with the actual fairy tale, and are poorly written. It’s obvious that the game is translated into English, so it’s difficult to say how much of the writing is bad purely due to the translation. In any case, the stories are best enjoyed as low quality entertainment, like watching a cheesy movie. It’s fun with friends, but the it can also get repetitive and boring, so don’t be afraid to quit playing once you get to that point. The game has no real way of pulling you back in once you’ve lost interest.

Return of Red Riding Hood has awful graphics that add to the low budget vibe of the game. In a weird way, it works better with bad graphics because it fits the writing. If it had beautiful hand-drawn art, it would be a bummer to see it wasted on such bad storytelling.

Overall, this is a game that I can only recommend to a small group of people; namely, those who enjoy the “so bad, it’s good” genre of movies. Outside of that, this game won’t appeal to many potential players.


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