DIG THE GROUND is a match-3 puzzle game that does little to advance the genre. Obviously, it’s a already a static genre that doesn’t allow much room for games to be unique or interesting, but DTG is doesn’t even try.

Visually, it looks like Bejeweled, except for lower resolution graphics. They both have the same gem mining theme, so it’s hard not to notice the similarities. The music isn’t great, but when compared to the rest of the game, it might even be the biggest highlight.

The gameplay in DTG is abysmal. It’s disappointing, even for a match-3 game. There is absolutely nothing new about this game. Every single mechanic has been done before, and done better. This is a genuinely lazy game, where the developers clearly did not have the time or funding to even attempt to make a good game. Instead, DTG just rehashs old game mechanics and cobbles them together with a Bejeweled theme.

I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, not even the most die-hard Bejeweled fans. There is no reason to pay for this when there are countless match-3 games that at least try something new. DTG is a bad game in an already weak genre.


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