Hazardous Space Review

Hazardous Space Review

Hazardous Space is a rougelike that tries to simplify a lot of common genre elements to make a more streamlined game. In practice the game feels very shallow and repetitive.

The stat system plays a pretty big role in this because it is so generic and unimpactful. Most upgrades give a 1% increase, meaning you need to upgrade a stat dozens of times before it starts to be a fairly noticeable change. There isn’t a skill tree, so the only other source of upgrades is your gear. The game features a pretty standard crafting system that utilizes blueprints in order for you to craft certain gear. It attempts to add gear variety that way, but it generally falls flat. Most weapons operate about the same, so the only real element that matters is damage. The game highlights which attack will do the most damage, so even that simple element is essentially done for you. The game in general feels barebones and repetitive, with nearly every enemy fitting into one of a few generic archetypes.

The graphics are nothing special, but they don’t take much away from the game, aside from making it feel somewhat bland and repetitive. The sound design is similarly boring. There isn’t any real story to the game, so the gameplay is forced to carry all of the weight, something that it frequently fails to do well.

It could be a good game with more content and some more unique game mechanics, but it doesn’t have enough going for it right now to recommend.


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