HackyZack Review

HackyZack Review

HackyZack is a 2D puzzle platformer focused on challenging mechanics and complex level design. Levels usually require a good amount of trial and error in order to really understand how to beat it. After that, the challenge becomes executing your plan.

Gameplay in HackyZack is essentially a Super Meat Boy style of platforming, combined with a ball you have to juggle around with you. While the levels are much more compressed and small, they retain a lot of the difficulty that comes with a game like Super Meat Boy.

Visually, the game is simple, but charming. Nothing will wow you, but it’s a well executed art style that fits the gameplay. The soundtrack is equally good, with nothing terrible, but also nothing spectacular.

Overall, HackyZack is a great platformer, with some of the best level/puzzle design I’ve seen. Highly recommended to anyone that enjoys challenging platformers and has a high tolerance for failure.


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