American Patriots: The Swamp Fox Review

American Patriots: The Swamp Fox Review

American Patriots: The Swamp Fox is a first-person shooter with some light survival elements. It delivers this in a specific historical setting, but given how unrealistic the gameplay is, it’s somewhat confusing what exactly the game is trying to be.

First, movement is overly fast, almost to Wolfenstein/DOOM levels. This isn’t automatically a negative, but it makes the game feel like an arcade shooter where you are shooting monsters or aliens, rather than a game set in the 1700s where everyone uses muskets. It just doesn’t make sense given the historical context and feels out of place.

The gunplay is rudimentary and by the numbers. There isn’t recoil, but you use a musket so you reload after every shot anyway. It isn’t awful, but it certainly isn’t fun or engaging. Enemies take a single shot, so combat is a constant loop of “shoot, run away while reloading, shoot, etc.”. Some players might enjoy the simplicity, but for me, it got stale very quickly.

Visually, the game lacks anything distinctive. The graphics are generic 3D models that have no real style to them. You kill the same copy and pasted enemy over and over with no variety. The graphics aren’t laughably bad, but they are certainly not good, even considering the obviously low budget.

The part of the game that was initially most intriguing to me wound up being a huge let down. The survival mechanics amount to a basic farming minigame that you spend money on periodically. It feels like filler content rather than a fully fleshed out mechanic.

Overall, American Patriots isn’t that bad of a game, especially considering the low price (I’ve seen it as low as $0.59 on sale). The biggest issue with the game is that it is easily surpassed by other cheap shooters. You might get your money’s worth if you enjoy this style of gameplay, but the average person won’t get much out of it.


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