Seidkona: A Tale of Death and Dice Review

Seidkona: A Tale of Death and Dice Review

Seidkona: A Tale of Death and Dice is a puzzle game blended with some action oriented game mechanics. It plays out similarly to Angry Birds, where it is mostly a puzzle game, but it also requires you to understand the physics of the game world.

Seidkona begins by giving you 4 different types of dice that each have special abilities. To beat each level, you must kill every enemy on the board. You can either knock them off the table or simply deal enough damage to kill them. The different abilities add some nice variety and allow you to choose your own strategy. Every level has a “right” way to solve it, which will generally be the easiest solution, but there are numerous unconventional ways for you to beat a level, especially once you have access to all 4 dice.

With regards to presentation, Seidkona is fantastic. Each level is well designed and have thematic layouts that correspond with the overall story. They also organically hint at what a good strategy might be, without forcing you to use it. The graphics aren’t phenomenal or anything like that, but they have a great style that fits the board game aesthetic. The music is superb as well, sounding good enough for a full, mainstream release, as opposed to the usual, halfhearted soundtrack that free games commonly utilize.

As for the negatives, there were some issues with bugs, which prevented me from placing new dice and forced me to restart the level. Still, I never encountered any crashes or any bugs of major significance. The game is also quite short, but this is completely understandable given that it’s a free game. Presumably, the developers are looking to expand the game with more levels and then transition into a paid release, but if not, the game is still worth a shot in it’s current state. I don’t think it will blow anyone away, but it’s certainly a good enough game to hold your interest for the 30-60 minute runtime. I’d recommend it to puzzle game fans that want something relatively easy to pickup and play, but still difficult enough to offer a bit of challenge. Just don’t go into it expecting a full length game.


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