Kontrakt Review

Kontrakt Review

Kontrakt is an action game clearly inspired by Hotline Miami. It’s also a great example of how easy it is to copy a game, yet fail to pull it off because of only a few issues.

Kontrakt tries to replicate some of the visual flair that Hotline Miami is known for, but it looks cheap and unrefined. The game’s fuzzy lights clash horribly with its high res graphical style. It seems like a rough draft rather than a finished product. Visually, the game lacks the smoothness of Hotline Miami. The music is another obvious misstep, primarily due to the high bar set by Hotline Miami.

Kontrakt’s gameplay is truly awful, with some of the worst controls imaginable. It’s difficult to move around and the gunplay is very random. Sometimes just having bad luck with your gun’s accuracy will cause you to lose. It doesn’t feel skill-based, it feels like you just have to fight through the game with trial and error. The game might open up as you play, but after an hour it became hard to bear.

Kontrakt feels like the worst possible outcome for a Hotline Miami rip-off. It could have been a lot better, but it simply fails to capture most of what makes Hotline Miami a great game.


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